Chemical Peels

Resurfacing Facial Peel

Improve Skin Tone and Texture

Resurfacing facial peels improve skin tone and texture. A natural acid solution, derived from milk, sugar, or fruit, is applied to the skin. It reduces PH and reduces dead skin cells thereby encouraging exfoliation and stimulating new cell growth.

The peel is mild but very effective for the following skin conditions:

  • Aging skin (reduces fine lines and wrinkles)
  • Acne-prone skin (reduces bacteria and inflammation)
  • Enlarged pores (reduces the size)
  • Skin tone and texture (smooths and evens the surface)
  • Dull complexion (brightens and rejuvenates)

All pre and post treatment care provided is a guideline and does not take the place of a consultation with a certified technician. Please contact us to speak with a technician or schedule a free consultation if you have any questions or concerns. Please note that a $35 cancellation fee applies to all appointment cancelled without 48 hours notice.


Feel the Power of Beautiful Skin

AlumierMD is a trusted industry leader in the development of gentle, effective, professional treatments and daily skin care products.

For years AlumierMD has been partnering with top industry chemists and skin care professionals to develop a proven process that combines aesthetics and science to produce healthy, beautiful skin. AlumierMD will not compromise when it comes to innovative skin care, and with a commitment for excellence and passion for the very best quality skin care products we strive to exceed client expectations. AlumierMD is available exclusively through certified skin care professionals.

How We Use AlumierMD to Help You…

Clean and Exfoliate: Using the correct cleanser for specific skin condition and skin types, is a very important first step when beginning the corrective process.

Tone the Skin: The toning process shows where the skin needs specific attention. With a customized menu of products and treatment applications, AlumierMD products address those specific needs.

Treat and Correct: To treat and correct a client’s specific skin condition the Esthetician may use a variety of therapeutical products to gently Brighten, Refresh and Hydrate the skin. The latest advancement in skin care from AlumierMD comes in the form of therapeutic enzyme masks and gentle peels which smooth skin texture, brighten the complexion and clarifys blemishes. Gently massaging the face during the application of AlumierMD products allows for deeper penetration that gains maximum benefit of product while stimulating circulation and relaxation.

Hydrate and Protect: Hydrating skin is vital for continuing skin health. The Esthetician will match the correct serum to your skin type so results can be maintained until your next treatment. Protecting the skin with the correct UV moisturizer is the last step in making sure that no further damage should occur and by keeping the skin fully hydrated.