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ClearLift™, by Alma Lasers, is a virtually painless, non-ablative approach to laser skin resurfacing. Using 1064 Q-Switched laser technology, patients are enjoying fast, comfortable treatments with visible results and no downtime.

An Alternative to Traditional Laser Skin Resurfacing

Alma's technology delivers a controlled dermal wound without harming the overlying epidermis. Therefore, all stages of healing and skin repair occur under the intact epidermis.

Because ClearLift heats deep beneath the skin (up to 3mm in depth) no numbing is required prior to the treatment and all skin healing happens without damaging the outer layer of skin.

See For Yourself

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The Many Advantages of ClearLift:

  • Fast - treatments can take as little as 30 minutes
  • Virtually painless
  • No post-treatment down time
  • Visible improvement could be seen in as little as one treatment
  • Can be used on all skin types

Combine with AFT Photo Facial, Pixel Perfect and Skin Tightening Treatments to Get the Full 360 Experience!

All pre and post treatment care provided is a guideline and does not take the place of a consultation with a certified technician. Please contact us to speak with a technician or schedule a free consultation if you have any questions or concerns. Please note that a $35 cancellation fee applies to all appointment cancelled without 48 hours notice.